The Pros and Cons of Google Web Hosting

Published: 13th September 2010
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Google web hosting does not have to cost a penny and does offer many benefits that individuals and small business owners appreciate. The free Google web hosting is pretty basic and is geared towards those who want to create a personal website or a basic website for their online business. If you are looking at your options for web hosting, you should learn more about Google web hosting to see if it is right for you.
It is very easy to get started with Google web hosting. You simply go to and sign up for a free account with them. If you have a google account for gmail or other utilities, you can log in with your existing information. From there, you will to choose how to set up your website including what theme you want to use and what you want to name your website. It is very easy and user friendly no matter how much experience you have with creating websites.
There are benefits to using Google web hosting to create your website. One fairly obvious benefit is that you can count on their services to be reliable and dependable. Google is a big name company that people trust. Your website will not experience downtime like it would on smaller hosts if you go with Google web hosting. Another benefit is how easy Google web hosting makes it to get started on creating your website. They walk you through all the options involved in the setup including the design, the appearance and more. You donít have to know anything about web design to create a website with them. Also, Google web hosting makes it easy for you to use the many available tools that can be found to make your website interesting and profitable because it is compatible with almost all of them.You can create a very attractive, interesting and successful website with Google web hosting.
There are some potential problems with Google web hosting, though. One is that with this type of web hosting, you cannot change or adapt the software or adjust the settings to meet your needs. You cannot use database driven protocols or scripts on the Google websites you create either. These can be limiting if you are expecting a lot from your website.
Another problem is a lack of space. The amount of space you have access to with Google web hosting is close to 100 mb which is adequate for a personal website or small business website that is pretty basic but not for a website that is more involved. Also, they limit the size of your attachments to around 20 mb which can cause problems with more involved websites.
The other problem with Google web hosting is the limits it puts on things like the types of files you can use and the coding that is supported on your website. The reason they limit or prohibit your use of frames, scripts and tags is to prevent people from using them to cause problems on your website.
It is up to you to decide if Google web hosting is a good fit for your personal or business website. There are pros and cons that you have to keep in mind including those discussed above.
Google offers free web hosting for individuals and small businesses. They mainly focus on an audience consisting of those who are new to web hosting or those who just need a basic website for their small business. There are many pros and cons to using Google web hosting.

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