The Many Benefits of the Brodit Universal Holder

Published: 11th September 2010
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It is important to secure your electronics while you are driving so they are not only where you can reach them but also so they won’t get damaged by flying around the car if you make any sudden movements. If you cannot find a holder for your electronics that is made specifically for them, you should consider using the Brodit universal holder system. This secure mounting system will keep your electronics where you can easily see and reach them and keep them secure.
The Brodit universal holder is easy to install even if you are not that good with tools or electronics. This holder uses ProClip technology so you can be sure your electronics are not going to go anywhere unless you take them out of the holder. Installing the Brodit universal holder will not damage your vehicle in any way and the holder mounting system can be removed if you change vehicles.
The first step in installing the Brodit universal holder is to apply the stick-on button to your electronic device. This button is going to slide into the V-plate of the holder system that mounts on the dashboard. It is important to wipe the area the button is going to go on clean with the alcohol pad that comes with the holder. The surface temperature of the device needs to be above 60 F if the pad is going to stick. Install the stick on button with the round part up. When you put the stick-on button on, be sure to apply pressure for one minute to be sure it is on there securely.
Next, you use the ProClip mounting system to install the dash mount in the vehicle. This mounting system simply clips onto a vent and does not require any special tools or expertise. This dash mount system is very secure. Once it is installed, it won’t come off unless you take it off.
Now, you are ready to install the wall plate that is part of the Brodit universal holder and that is going to hold your electronics using the stick on button onto the dash mount. To do this, you will need a screwdriver. You simply screw the wall plate onto the dash mount by lining up the holes. Once it is on, it is not going anywhere. This only takes a few minutes at the most.
Now, you can slide your electronic device onto the wall plate by putting the stick on button into the V-plate. Once it is in there, you will find that there is no way for it to fall out unless you slide it up and out. You can then tilt and swivel the electronic devices with the Brodit universal holder so that you get the best view of them and so they are easy to reach.
The Brodit universal holder can help you keep your electronics right where you need them when you are driving. The Brodit universal holder will also make sure that you are driving safely because you will not be reaching around or digging in a bag for your electronics. They will be right where you left them once you install the Brodit universal holder and slide your electronics into the mount.
The Brodit universal holder is the perfect solution for your electronic devices that are unique or those that you cannot find a specific holder for the device. This secure mounting system uses ProClip technology to securely mount your device to your dashboard where you can see and reach it.

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